Visual Novel Historical Fantasy : Twist – Majapahit (Indonesia)

This is my first Visual Novel.

It tells you about the history of Majapahit. The greatest Kingdom in Java.

There are 3 modes in this game :

  1. Cerita Singkat (short story) : Tells you about how majapahit begin its kingdom, and the reason behind it’s destruction.
  2. Temukan Sang Raja (Find the King) : This mode give you the freedom to find the kings of Majapahit (They are 12 kings). Just answer the question from this game’s narrator, Rekta. Choose one of the iptional decision, and find the king.
  3. Galeri (Gallery) : This mode allow you to read the kings biography. AND, if you manage to collect all the 12 kings, you also be able to read the biography of this game’s additional characters (Rekta, Mei Xin, and Gajah Mada), and the temple of Majapahit.




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