Chibi Encyclopedia – Kamen Rider Wizard PRE-ORDER

Deviantart :…agon-412218231

I want to sell my Collection of Chibi Drawing Kamen Rider Wizard, in this 30 November.

This Encyclopedia will contain all chibi rider in Wizard series (not include other rider like fourze, etc)

Price : 20$
Format : JPG
Size : 2480 X 1372
Full color

I gave you the link, where you could buy it when it’s release.

If you Pre-Order, After you transfer the payment, I’ll give you the link to download it. (Off course in the same date when it’s release)

You can pre-Order it by send me a message via e-mail, or my Facebook ID.
(I prefer Facebook ID, because mostly I check my facebook rather than my e-mail. (my bad) ehhehehe)

I accept payment via paypal Transfer, (

And…if you’re an Indonesian (No mean to be racist though)
You can tranfer via Bank Account. (you just have to inform me)

E-mail :


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