Twist – 01 Timun Mas Complete Edition

The Second Visual Novel, Made by Hiruma Kawamata

In English

For Windows

PRICE = $5 (Rp 55.000)

This Game is direct Sequel from Twist – Majapahit. But don’t Worry, even if you didn’t play that game, you still be able to follow the story, (because Twist – Majapahit is some kind of a Summary in Rekta’s life, one of this game’s character.)

You’ll be told a story about a girl named Timun Mas, who must survive from an Ogre who want to kill her.
But actually, after you play this game, you not only found a story about Timun Mas, but also, many hidden story that related to this one.
There are 2 mode, And every mode consist 4 – 5 part.
Mode 1 : Chapter Story
Divided into 4 chapter, which every chapter have it’s own story to tell.

Mode 2 : Biography
In this mode, you will read biography of 5 different person. But, there’s a twist in this mode.
All of them, actually one whole story. and you must collect all the 5 to read it as a whole thing.

Your Primary GOAL, isn’t to beat this Game in the fastest way, or fastest time. But, to understand all the story and this game’s chronology from the begining, until the end.

Afterall, This game is based from the one from many legend in Java. AND THIS ISN’T EROGE




You can transfer the payment via my Paypal account at

and get the download link from me. just contact me via my e-mail or my facebook.



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