Twist – 01 Timun Mas (English and Indonesian Version) FREE


     Twist 01 – Timun Mas is the second Visual Novel made by Kawamata Hiruma, and the first to be sold. The real version, is the english ones. Due to the return of investment, 3 months after it’s launched, the author finally share it for free, and translate it into Indonesian.

    Following the last event of Twist 00 – Majapahit (Rekta’s Biography), We follow the story of Rekta Letu, as the main protagonist. And Timun Mas, as the side protagonist.

          Rekta was the knight of Majapahit, and now enjoying his retirement with his wife, Mei Xin.  But someday, a strange earthquake happened, following with the announcement from palace, that inform about King’s condition. Urge to help the King, Rekta and his wife set the journey to the palace. In the middle of the forest, they attacked by a misterious person. This person defeated Rekta, and Kidnapped his wife. Feeling guilty, because he cannot protect his own wife, and cannot save the King from his illness, Rekta plunge his life into despair.

               One day, Rekta visited by an European guy, named Arthur. He offered Rekta a chance to claim his vengeance, and get his wife back. As long as Rekta agree to help him, and became one of his New Knight of thr Round Table. At first Rekta refuse it, because he don’t want to enter the battle again. Too much has been lost since the first time he walk in this path. Family, Friends, King, and Wife. But Arthur showed Rekta, a book that magically appears into Rekta’s right hand. And tell him that he is one of the seven choosen people who will defenf this world. And their enemy is the same person. the same person who has been kidnapped Mei Xin, and the same person who created the earthquake incident. In the end, Rekta Agree to be the knight of the round table, and once again, take his Sword called Naga Puspa, to bring justice to the world.

              The first task, is to save his own niece, named Timun Mas, from a Yellow Ogre called Rhaksaksha. Rekta back to Java Union, to meet with his niece and together, they fight with the ogre.

                   This Visual Novel, focussed on Timun Mas story, why she’ve been searched by the Ogre, and how she and her family defend their life.


Twist 01 – Timun Mas, happened after the Pangaea Incident. an Incident, which take all legendaries people around the world, into a gigantic land called Pangaea. It happened after the dead of Raden Wijaya, around 1310 AD.


Caution!!! Horrible Translation.

Key : The seeds are Rose, Salt, Cucumber,  and Sand.






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