Knight of the Round, Sector 3 – Aladdin

Name : Aladdin Ibn Rasyid

Juridiction : Pangaea, Sector 3, Arabia.

Status : Active

Bio :
Betrayed by his firs’t wife -who has affairs with his own brother-, Aladdin vowed that he will not love anymore.
He used his status as a Sultan of Arabia, to punish every woman in his kingdom.
Everyday, he will married a woman in day, and killed her in night.
Due to these behaviour, he branded by his people, as a Tyrant.
The calm, wise, and humorous sultan, is no more.
Until one day, a woman named Scheherazade, agree to married him -Scheherazade is the Vizier’s Daughter-.
In their first night, Aladdin told his wife that he will killed her tomorrow.
Scheherazade didn’t surprise about it, but she ask the sultan, to let her told a story.
The sultan agreed.
Aladdin was very pleased with his wife’s story, but when the morning’s came, the story didn’t finish yet.
So he delayed the execution, in order to listened the continuation of the story.
As time goes by,… This last until 1001 nights.
And without they realized, the grew love each other.
WIth scheherazade by his side, Aladdin back to his former self. And rule Arabia, wisely.

But one day, a strange earthquake happened.

That event, followed by the betrayal of Aladdin’s Vizier, called Jafar -Scheherazade’s father-.
Jafar killed Scheherazade, Change his face like Aladdin, and banished the sultan into the dessert.
No one realize it, because Jafar -in his disguise as Aladdin- keep ruled his kingdom as a wise king.
Burned by anger, Aladdin seek ways to avege his dead wife, and make Jafar suffer.
On the Dessert, he found a rusty lamp, with a Djinn inside.
The Djinn gave Aladdin 3 wishes. But instead making wish, Aladdin set the Djinn free from his chain.
As a token of gratitude, the Djinn followed Aladdin, and became his bodyguard.

When Aladdin want to went back to his kingdom, He met with an european man, named Arthur.
Arthur told Aladdin about the magic of Solomon, which be able to revive his wife, and offer him to join his new Knight of the Round, in order to get that magic.
The choice is his. Whether he go to his kingdom, faced Jafar and have his revenge, but his wife will never came back, or he joined Arthur’s knight, Delay his confrontation with afar, get the magic of Solomon, revive his wife, and still he will faced Jafar and get his revenge.

Aladdin choose to join the knight.


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