Knight of the Round, Sector 2 – Krishna

Name : Krishna

Juridiction : Pangaea, Sector 2, India.

Status : Active

Bio :
Everytime Vishnu (India’s Supreme Daeva) reincarnated into a mortal, he lost all his memories from his previous life. It happened to hold his supreme powers, for it is too powerful for a mortal’s body. But it differents when he reincarnated into Krishna.

Krishna didn’t lost all hid previous memories. And this made him a powerful human, because he knew and accepted himself as a daeva’s reincarnation.

One day, his brother-in-law, Arjuna (one of Padhava), asked him to help regain Padhava’s throne in Khuru’s kingdom.
The Padhavas are actually the edscendant of Khuru’s king, Pandu. But the throne was subdued by Pandu’s brother, Dhestarata. And Dhestarata, have sons called Khaurava.

The current king of Khuru, is Dhuryodhana. The first son of Dhestarata. He tricked Padhava and exiled them. With a promise, when their exiled time is out, he will share the kindom with them. And now, The exiled time is out. But Dhuryodhana still persist to keep the kingdom for himself.

Hearing this story, Krishna agreed to helped Arjuna. But in one condition. Every outcome from this problem must be accepted, either by Pandhava, or Khaurava (Krishna knew that it will become a great war). Arjuna agreed and sent Krishna to Khuru to negotiated with Dhuryodhana.

When Krishna walked to Khuru, a strange earthquake happened.

A week later, Krishna met with man named Arthur, who explained to him about the earthquake, and asked him to join his knight of the round. Although Krishna didn’t accept it at the first time, he made an agreement with the king of Britannia. The agreement said that if Krishna joined Arthur’s knight, Arthur will helped him crush Khaurava and spare no one. The reason is, Khaurava will make a great disaster if they win the coming great war. And Krishna won’t let that happen.

Arthur agreed.

##### Visual Novel Twist 02 – Barukliting (PROGRESS) #####

Iam sorry for 2 weeks hiatus. My computer was broken and I can do nothing until it repaired.
But now, everything is back to normal.

The programming session is at 80%.
I finished the Route for Timun Mas and Rekta.
Iam working on epilogue, gallery, sketch, and waiting for the BGM and soundtrack.


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