Twist Character Card 01 – Bawang Putih

Putih_ small


Twist Character Card 01 :
– バーワン プチーヒ(Bawang Putih)

Appearance :
– Twist 01 – Timun Mas
– Twist 02 – Baruklinting

Bio :
Putih is the last descendant of Aji Saka, the first king of Java Union and wielder of Visnu’s power.
Becoming the last descendant, Putih inherit the power of Vishnu inside her body. This power also became the root of all her miseries.
Putih’s mother’s died when she still child. Her sister was kidnapped, and manipulated by a witch named Umbra, to killed her father.
Surviving the terror of Umbra, due to her sister’s sacrifice, Putih married with a man named Cindelaras, and have a daughter named Timun Mas.
As the prophecy said, the power of Vishnu always descents into the last of it’s bloodline. Thus, the power of Vishnu moved from Putih, to her Daughter, Timun Mas.





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